Thursday, April 25, 2013

5 PowerPoint Alternatives for Making Presentations with More Fun

PowerPoint alternatives
Microsoft’s PowerPoint is almost a must-have for Windows based computers. Making PowerPoint presentations is quite a usual and common task for students and white-collar workers. But do you sometimes feel tired of using this program? If you don't have Microsoft’s PowerPoint on your computer, do you know any alternative presentation tools? Today let’s find some paid and free PowerPoint alternatives.

No.1 Keynote (Mac)
Microsoft has launched PowerPoint 2011 for Mac, but it seems apple’s native Keynote is more popular on this platform. With strong PowerPoint compatibility, Keynote has an easy to use interface and lots of templates. That is to say, you can make good-looking presentations with Keynote’s built-in templates without spending too much time. The program has great graphic tools to edit pictures and supports video playing in the slides as well. Moreover, Keynote allows you remotely control your presentation with your iPhone or iPod touch.

No.2 Prezi
This impressive presentation tool is very different from PowerPoint. As what it introduces itself on the official page, Prezi is a presentation tool to help you organize and share your ideas. Each presentation you create with Prezi is a flowing and motion-based depiction with your creativity, other than a traditional side-by-slide presentation. Prezi is now available for Web, Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS platforms.

No.3 Google Docs
Google Docs
Google Docs is a web-based office suite for users cloud storage, collaborative editing and file sharing on presentations and other files. The service provides lots of templates, animations, slide transitions and presentation creation tools for users, which is similar to PowerPoint. However, some features are unavailable on Google Docs, for instance, you can't embed local videos in the slides (embedding YouTube and other videos are OK). In one word, Google Docs is a free and fast online tool for making good-looking presentations.

No.4 OpenOffice/LibreOffice Impress
OpenOffice Impress
To tell you the truth, I’m not interested in the history of and the reasons why it was divided into two. As an open sourced tool, Impress supports PowerPoint presentations and provides easy-to-use interface for making new presentations. As a matter of fact, it’s the most similar tool to PowerPoint, with drawing and graphics capabilities extenuations. You can also save the presentations as SWF format in the suite.

No.5 SlideRocket
SlideRocket is a high-end web-based presentation suite for cloud sharing and collaborative editing. The tool has a beautiful interface and lots of great features, like adding themes, tables, pictures, audio, video, Flash animations, etc. It allows you import files from PowerPoint and export files to PDF format. Another unique feature is the content integration of Flickr, twitter and other sources.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to View PowerPoint on Sony Xperia ZL?

How to play PowerPoint on Xperia ZL/></a></div><span style=

Sony Xperia ZL, a high-range Android smartphone, was announced at CES 2013 in January, along with another model --- Sony Xperia Z. The Xperia ZL is a cheaper variant of Xperia Z. Both models have almost the same configurations except the ZL lacks waterproof and dust-proof features.

For specs, the Xperia ZL has a 5.0-inch full HD Reality display with 1080 x 1920 pixels and 441 ppi. A 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor is equipped to help the phone run fast. What’s more, it has 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of built-in storage and a microSD card slot. As to cameras, the handset comes up with a 13 MP rear camera witch supports 1080p HD video recording. The Xperia ZL is now available in US, India, Australia, Russia and Canada.

Full HD Reality Display. The Xperia ZL brings 1080 progressive scan --- the highest level of HD available to users. Expertise from BRAVIA TV engineers goes into mobile screens, to bring users the same quality of a top quality HDTV.

Better battery life. Like Xperia Z, Battery STAMINA Mode is also used on the Xperia ZL. The phone knows when the screen is off and shuts down the battery-draining apps you don’t need, and then starts them up again when the screen is back on.

Playing PPT on Xperia ZL
Thanks to the combination of HD display and battery saving mode, playing 1080p videos on Xperia ZL is really an enjoyment. Besides entertainments, could the phone be used in business working? For example, how to play PowerPoint on Xperia ZL?

Showing PowerPoint on Xperia ZL perfectly is like a fancy story. We know there are some PPT apps on Google Play for your choice. With these apps installed, users can watch PowerPoint on Xperia ZL --- with all transits, animations and background music lost. After all, a mobile Office app is not as functional as Microsoft’s Office tool yet. Here comes a question: is there any other method to play PowerPoint on Xperia ZL and other smartphones with PPT elements remained? The answer is YES. Currently the most effective way is to convert PPT to Xperia ZL suitable videos. By using this PowerPoint to Xperia ZL HD video converter, users can easily change PPT files to suitable video formats and play them on their phones fluently with PowerPoint effects remained.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Mid-Range Smartphone from Sony, Enjoy Watching PowerPoint on Xperia SP

Sony Xperia SP
How to play PPT on Sony Xperia SP?
Sony recently unveiled a mid-range Android smartphone named Xperia SP, which has some same configurations as last year’s flagship --- the Xperia Z. The Xperia SP has a 4.6-inch 720p display, a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and an 8MP rear camera. One of the differences between 2 models is that the Xperia SP runs older Android 4.1 OS, rather than the latest 4.2 version. The Xperia SP will be sold in Asia and Europe by the end of June, price issues are not mentioned yet. It’s currently unknown if the device will be available in the US market.

  • 4.6-inch display with 1280 x 720 pixels and 319 ppi
  • Corning Gorilla glass
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8 GB of ROM
  • Supports MicroSD card expansion, up to 32 GB
  • 8.0 MP camera with auto focus, supports HD video recording (1080p)
  • Front-facing camera (VGA)
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Li-Ion 2370 mAh battery
Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2. The technology delivers a better viewing experience by adding new real-time contrast optimization to the sharpness enhancement, high-quality color management and noise reduction. It’s also able to analyze content type and adjust the image accordingly.

Battery STAMINA mode. The same feature has been used on Xperia Z. This special mode saves you wasted battery drain by recognizing when your display is off and turning off functions you don’t need, while keeping the notifications you want.

Play PowerPoint on Xperia SP
As a mid-end handset, the Xperia SP is already good enough for entertainments. Thanks to its 4.6-inch display, users can watch 720p movies conveniently. The phone’s 8MP camera helps users shoot HD videos, too. Besides entertainments, people may also do business work with this gadget. Let’s say, how to view PowerPoint on Xperia SP?

As a member of the popular Android affiance, the Xperia SP never lack applications. To play PPT on the phone, users can find and download an Office app from Google Play, such as Documents To Go or Kingsoft Office. However, these mobile apps are quite different from Microsoft’s Office suite on PC. Some PowerPoint effects, like background music, transitions and animations can’t be shown on the phone with Office apps. As a consequence, we recommend an alternative to display PowerPoint on Xperia SP. By converting PowerPoint to Xperia SP suitable videos, users can play these converted videos on the smartphone with PowerPoint effects remained.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Remove Image Background in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint users, if you want to insert an image into a slide without background, what would you do to handle this? Using Pen Tool to remove the background? No. In PowerPoint 2010, there's a more simple tool to remove image background. Let's take a look.

For example, inserting the following Easter themed picture into the PowerPoint.
Easter PowerPoint background

Step 1 Open or create a document in PowerPoint 2010. Click Insert and select Picture in the toolbar.
Insert picture

Step 2 Click the picture, then choose Picture Tool -> Format -> Remove Background.
Remove background

Step 3 Under Background Removal tab, click Mark Areas to Keep button to indicate which part of the picture you don't want to remove automatically.
Mark areas to keep

Step 4 Click Keep Changes to confirm and close. Done.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MWC 2013: Nokia Rolls Out Entry-Level Lumia 520 & Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia Lumia 720
Finnish-based manufacturer Nokia introduces some new mobile phones at MWC 2013. Among these latest devices, we found two Windows Phones: the Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia Lumia 720. Compared with their high-end big brother Lumia 920, it seems Nokia is planning to grab market share of the entry-level smartphones with these 2 models.

The Nokia Lumia 520 packs 1.0 GHz dual-core process while having a 4.0-inch display with IPS technology. The pixel resolution of the phone is 800*480. Moreover, the Lumia 520 has 8 GB of internal storage with 512 MB of RAM. A microSD card slot is also featured for up to 64 GB of additional space. The rear facing camera of the phone has 5.0-megapixels, but no front-facing camera is equipped.

As to the Nokia Lumia 720, this handset comes up with a 4.3-inch WVGA display with ClearBlack technology. Pixel resolution of the phone is the same as Lumia 520. It’s reported that the display of the Lumia 720 is very sensitive and compatible while wearing gloves. Same as Lumia 520, the Lumia 720 also has 8 GB of internal storage and 512 MB of RAM. A microSD card slot is available with the smartphone for up to 64 GB of additional support. Besides displays, here’s another difference between 2 phones: the Lumia 720’s rear-facing camera has 6.7-megapixels with Carl Zeiss optics.

The Lumia 720 is "designed for non-LTE markets" because it lacks LTE. Currently it’s unclear whether this gadget would be sold in the U.S. Meanwhile the Lumia 520 is reported to hit the U.S market via T-Mobile.

Thanks to the Windows Phone 8 OS, both handsets are able to play PowerPoint presentations with their build-in mobile Office app. However, the mobile Office is not as functional or convenient as the computer one. For instance, the presentation’s background music can’t be heard on mobile Office, and animation effects are unavailable neither. To play PowerPoint on Lumia 520 and Lumia 720, users have another solution by converting PowerPoint to video format with animation and music remained.

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