Saturday, August 20, 2011

5 Methods to View PowerPoint on Android

Android must be the most energetic and widely used platform in Smartphone and tablet markets. Since the Windows Mango 7.5 system has been release shortly and only few Smartphones are running on it, if you’re going to buy a Smartphone or tablet, it must either be an iOS or Android system. While iOS has only countable products like iPhone, iPad and iPod, thousands of Android Smartphones and tablets are available on the market (HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc).

If you have one Android device, have you ever thought of how to view PowerPoint on it? Nowadays no portable device platforms could perfectly run Microsoft PowerPoint, even Windows Mango 7.5; it is said that Windows Mobile 8 will originally support PowerPoint. So we need to find alternative ways to play PowerPoint. Here we would like to tell 5 methods to view PowerPoint on Android.

Method 1: Android apps

This might be the first solution most people would think of. Yes, like iOS system, Android has lots of powerful and practical apps. The most famous Android apps for PowerPoint are: Documents to Go, Quick Office (this is originally installed on Asus Eee Pad Transformer), ThinkFree Office and Office Suite. Basically these apps could open Microsoft PowerPoint but some of the effects like animations, transitions may be removed.

Method 2: View PowerPoint online

Android Smartphones has extraordinary performances on web browsing. Besides, there are a few websites that allows you to upload PowerPoint for sharing with others. So we could view PowerPoint online with Android. These websites are like:,,

Method 3: View PowerPoint as pictures
Pictures are originally support by all the Smartphones. Android is no exception. So you can save the PowerPoint slides as pictures for viewing on Android.


1.Create a separate folder for each PowerPoint file so that they won’t mix up.

2.Rename the slide according to numbers so that the output pictures will be in order.

For PowerPoint 2007:

1. Click the round Office button > "Save As" > "Other Formats".

2. In the "Save As type" drop down menu, for example, choose JPG, and click “Save”. When PowerPoint asks whether you want to export all slides, select “Every Slide”.

For PowerPoint 2003 & 2010:

1. Click “File” on the ribbon > “Save As”.

2. In the “Save as type” menu, choose “GIF” for example, and click “Save”, When PowerPoint asks whether you want to export all slides, select “Every Slide”.

Method 4: Convert PowerPoint to video format

Only by converting PowerPoint to video can we preserve all the original PowerPoint elements like fonts, languages, animations, transitions, and especially the music and video clips. Besides, the fast processor and big screen will guarantee a wonderful video playing experience. Take Moyea PPT to Video Converter for example. In 3 steps, your PowerPoint can be converted to Android friendly video format.

1. Install the PPT to Android converter and import the PowerPoint files that you want to convert.

2. Select an output video format you need. You can also customize video profile parameters.

3. Convert PowerPoint to Android video.

Method 5: View PowerPoint on Android as PDF file

PDF is a good choice for viewing PowerPoint especially when the PowerPoint needs to be sent to others. PDF could well protect it from being unauthorized editing. Another reason why we suggest this method is that there are many free ways to save PowerPoint as PDF, so it worth a try.

3 Frequently Used Methods to Save PowerPoint as PDF for Free

That’s it! With so many methods for you to choose for watching PowerPoint on Android, there shouldn’t be any problem now. If you have any good idea, please let us know.


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